Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I thought he was a man, but he was just a little boy.

Everyone's least favorite saying:
"It is what it is."

No, it's fucking not. It's not what YOU think it is. And I refuse to agree so that you can sleep better tonight.  I hope you toss & turn; I hope the curiosity and the discomfort of not knowing and the uneasiness of our very obviously unstable relationship eats at you. I hope you realize that you did say mean things, that you did hurt me, and I hope you do regret it. When you are able to acknowledge ANY of that, I might say something. But in the meantime...

I am Marissa motherfucking Pearl Veldman.
No environmental change is going to stop that.


  1. I love you Marissa Motherfucking Pearl Veldman. That will always remain. <3

  2. and I love you, Jessi Motherfucking Gordon (I'm drawing a total blank on your middle name..... forgive me, it's late, I'm tired from stress...... will post in alittleguilty) and THAT will always remain <3 <3 <3

  3. marissa motherfucking pearl veldman.
    love it, so fucking badass. & i love yoooou.

  4. Jessi Helen-motherfucking-Marie Gordon. HA! :D