Sunday, April 24, 2011

it only makes it harder to live without it, but let's talk about it

I've been listening to the Beach Boys a lot lately. Thank you, Kellyn, for that. It's nice. Cheery, pop-y, good [vibrations] feeling music. But anyway. That was just to explain the title of my post. "Wouldn't It Be Nice" is constantly stuck in my head.

The semester is over.. technically. There's still 4 days of exams. I have one for Drama at 245 on Tuesday, a 10-page paper for American Lit. due at 6 Tuesday evening, a Short Story Final op-ed paper due by noon Wednesday, and a project presentation for Cognitive Psychology at 1230 on Friday. I'm good with all of it except the project...... my partner is such a fucking flake. I can't really give her too much shit, I haven't done a damn thing either except perpetually try and get her to commit to a time to meet up or at least talk on the phone or SOMETHING.

I forget why I originally started this post.
I wanted to say something. I had something to talk about.
I lost it, though.
I'll come back.

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