Wednesday, April 27, 2011

who do you think you are collecting your jar of hearts

you know what's really, reeeeaaaaally fucking annoying? when you sit around doing JACK SHIT for an hour because that's how long ago your project partner emailed you saying she was on her way over from her place in Lakeway (essentially the same goddamn place as Concordia) and wasn't sure if she had your number (bullshit. called me multiple times before.) and asked you to call her with your dorm number and you DO call her, she doesn't answer, you leave a message with your dorm room number, your cell phone number, and your two potential whereabouts (your room or Wal Mart), and whadyaknow? Bitch still isn't hereeeeeeeee nor has she called.... nothing. I COULD KILL A LUTHERAN RIGHT NOW.

That's really, REEEEEEEAAAALLLY fucking annoying.

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