Monday, March 28, 2011

10 Reasons I Need To Get The Fuck Out

1.) Every day I want to kill my roommate a little bit more than I did the day before.
2.) I need four real seasons. This past Saturday's weather in Austin = overcast morning, sunny/HOT afternoon, light shower in the early evening giving way to disgusting mugginess, then fucking cold at night. Weekend = mid-90s. Today = mid-50s. I HATE THIS SHITTY, UNPREDICTABLE/NONSENSICAL WEATHER.
3.) I am a criminal, an anorectic, a heroin addict, a high school/college dropout, and/or a bad memory at best in this town. I want to be ME.
4.) I hate everyone here. Period. I'm a snob; over-alls and a full set of teeth do not comprise the height of sophistication for me. Sorry, dooders.
5.) Traffic has pushed me almost to the point of being homicidal.
6.) I've seen all the people and all the crap this shit hole has to offer (and it's not much). Due to this, I constantly think I see people I know (whether it actually is them or not) and every single time it happens, my stomach churns. I almost puked when I saw Erica at ACL. Yeh, time to go!
7.) Leslie Rebecca McJunkin.
8.) My hero a.k.a. Momy.
9.) I fucking deserve it.
10.) I see her everywhere.

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